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Meaning of network and its benefits

Basically, a network involves all of the components (hardware as well as software) linking computers across any type of distances. A network provides easy information access which increases the user’s productivity. Building up a network gives many advantages, but the 3 important facts are: File sharing – through which you can view, copy and modify files from your computer which stored on other computer. Resource Sharing – through which you can share resources such as fax machines, printers, CD Drives, FDD, HDD, Scanners, Webcam, Modem and more devices. Program sharing – as like file sharing you can share programs here on a network.

network1Types of Network Technology

Different Types of Network technology are:

LAN (Local Area Network) – it is using to connect close geographical area network devices, such as building’s particular floor, a campus environment or a whole building.

WAN (Wide Area Network) – it is using to connecting LANs together. Usually, it is used to connect LANs which are split by a large distance.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – which is a hybrid among LAN and WAN.

SAN (Storage Area Network) – it provides high-speed infrastructure and facilitates for moving data among storage devices and file servers. Some of the advantages of SANs are: very fast performance, UP to 10 km’s distance span, due to centralization of data resources management is easy, it is available with redundancy features so availability is high and it uses thin type protocol which makes low overhead. SANs only disadvantage is, it cost little bit high.

CNs (Content Networks) – It is developed mainly for the ease users internet resources accessing. Normally, 2 different types of CNs were deployed by companies: downloaded Internet information catching and Internet traffic loads distribution across multiple servers.

Intranet – it is a local network which is mainly using by companies locally connects all their resources. It can also be say as, users inside the company can able to find their companies resources details without going outside the company. It includes LAN, WAN and MAN.

Extranet – it is an extended intranet, where internal services of a particular company are made accessible to a known external business partners or external users at remote locations.

Internet – it is using for accessing your network of internal resources by an unknown external users. For example, if you are having a website through which you are selling various products, with the help of internet external users can able to access your website to know concerning your service.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – it is a secured network and a special type also. VPN is mainly using in internet for providing secure connection between the public network. It is also using in Extranet for providing secure connection among organization and its known external business partners or external users.
System Area Network – also termed as Cluster Area Network. In a cluster configuration, System Area Network links computers having high-performance and high-speed connections.

network2Wi-Fi (Wireless Local Area Network) – it can use to connect internet type of network resource through wireless network access point, where access point need to have 20 meters above indoor range and greater outdoor range. Wi-Fi can use many devices such as personal computers, smart phones, video-game consoles, tablet computers, digital cameras and digital audio players.