Role Of Hard Drive And Its Size

The main responsibility of hard drive is storage of data’s. On your computer, everything you are saving is getting stored in hard drive. Not just pictures, documents, videos and music. Your preferences, your program files and your OS are storing on the hard drive of your computer. The sad truth is you will lose all the stored files if hard disk gets damaged.

drive hard1That’s why many people are maintaining backup system for storing their important files in that. In hard drive, everything which we have saved is measured in expressions of its size. Very smallest file is text, picture is little bit bigger, music is bigger than picture file and video is the biggest file. It acts just like a scale. Hard drive can’t know the difference between the files; it knows only the size of the files. Like things are measuring in kilograms, the files stored in hard disk are measuring as megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte. If you want to store or take a backup of minimum files, then smaller hard drive (such as 500GB) is enough. Rather, if you want to store or take a backup of more files such as lot of audio and video files, then you need to use larger hard drive (such as 1TB).

Connections and speed of hard drive

Connecting hard drive to your computer is having 4 basic ways: USB – it is the common connection type and no need to do any set-up; the computer automatically recognizes the drive once you plug-in and immediately you can able to save and read files. FireWire – it is like plug and play USB and most popular in transferring video files. SATA – it is the internal hard disk common connection which provides more speed in any format of highest file transfer. eSATA – it is less common and found in PCs with high-performance connection, connection of eSATA executes at speed that intimately looks like an internal drive.

When and how to recovery data from hard drive?

Necessary to recover data from hard disk is for many reasons such as: Read/write heads of hard drive’s damaging, due to mishandled or unprotected power surge hard drive becomes fail, if hard disk exposing to coffee, water, condensation, battery leakage, flood and so on, file allocation table missing or damaging, hard drive formatted inadvertent, accidental or incorrectly, Master file table is corrupted or missing, burnt away chips hard drive, corrupted or missing of files or folders, not recognizing of hard drive by BIOS, hard drive head gets crash and Boot sector not get recognized.

drive hard2Hard drive data recovery is of two types: one is logical and the other is physical. Logical failures are due to virus, malware programs, errors in programs or software, inadvertent deletion of data and lost partitions. Whatever be the cast, the lost data can be recovered resources and tools by a data recovery specialist. Physical failures are through accumulated or direct trauma, botched repairs, through tampering, accidental cause and so on. In this case, the data is safeguarded on the drive but due to physical damage of hard drive it difficult to get access to the device. For successful extract of your valuable data best equipment and technical skills required.

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