Meta Embarks On New Frontier of Augmented Reality

On Wednesday March 3, 2016 the brand Meta Technologies announced it would be starting to take preorders for it’s Meta 2 augmented reality wearable headset. Not only is this news big in the world of electromagnetism but the company has also set the lofty goal for itself that they would be shipping this mere $949 dollar head set no later than the third fiscal quarter this year.

Meta has painstakingly striven to develop a synthesis experience that CEO Meron describes as “the art of user interface, design with the the science of the brain,” at a 2016 TED talk conference.

as early as this fall they hope, developers can have the opportunity to as he believes, “make their augmented reality dreams come true”, promised Ryan M. Pamilin who is VP of sales at Meta. But make this augmented reality a reality is no easy step as he states. Siting not only the difficulties of scale and operation but the sheer lack of synergy or dynamic data solutions surrounding the industry and its operators as a whole.

maxresdgggefaultThat said the developers are confident that after only a few minutes of wearing the glasses you come to forget that you are wearing them at all, although many are skeptical because their is nothing like it to support such a claim. To this skepticism the Meta Developers are saying “bring it on” and taking the gloves off and believe it is so hard for people to take this leap because they’re hasn’t being anything like this. a wearable augmented reality headset for under $1,000.

There will be a learning curve similar to the in home computer or wide spread use of cell phones, However, many believe that this will not be a passing fad and will take over the way we experience data, and navigate the internet. a future is on the horizon where the line of real vs fake will be forever blurred. Where the meta physical implications that have been espoused will now be thrown into question leaving us to wonder “where am I?”

rrrrrrIt is very likely the case that this technology will be used on a daily basis, from work to home, and in very much the same way we are always on the internet via our smart phones or computers the relationship will be even more invasive. i.e. today  we know we are interacting with something, and that this thing, which is exists is separate of us, we go on our computer we and peak into a landscape or experience; but tomorrow we live the experience. Email updates will emerge in the foreground, as we walk to our desk, graphs appearing for the meeting the moment we wake up as we make breakfast for the kids. although this does have an obvious benefit to our productivity in the systematic execution of prescribed tasks it is important that we take pause and consider if this constant stimulation will affect the creativity that is borne out of reflective moments of boredom, that we consider our surroundings and our place in it.

That said, The Meta 2 drops this year, and demand is high so if you want to be in the first wave of the revolution now is the time to up your name on the list.

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